Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sweet Amazing Race 8 (Final 5)

Guess what ? I’m so silly! I’m extremely silly. When I watched Amazing Race 8 yesterday, I just found out that I missed last week’s AR8 episode. I was so lost in the first few minutes. Aik wah Bransen family was lucky not to get eliminated. Wukakakakaka I keep thinking, what was I doing last week’s Wednesday ? And I don’t remember man! My mom said, ‘I thought why you two so good didn’t watch AR8 last week’. Grrrrrrrr, why she didn’t remind me! Ok, not her fault.

Funny ah they went back to US, Arizona. The 360 degree flips was so cool but the view in Grand Canyon was even cooler. Every AR8’s contestants paused for awhile to look at the Grand Canyon. I used to have a few dreams. My dreams are to visit the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Niagara Falls. I think I’ll visit these 3 places after I had retired. I think these places make a good retirement holiday. I’ll camp out there, go white water rafting(umphh maybe not) and go hiking. Ahhhh my ultimate retirement feast!

The Weaver family looks so strong eh, but they like to stop for direction. Yes I know if you don’t know where you’re going you better ask for direction but I think sometimes you just have to juggle your way. Eventually they end up in 3rd even though they can be first !!! Will they stop for direction if they qualify for the final 2 ? Sure they are gonna lose.

The Paolo family who was eliminated in yesterday’s AR8 finishes their run with a big quarrelling. That’s just them. At the end of the day, I’d say they were one of the most interesting family in AR family edition. Sure they fight and disagreement is always mounting but that’s just their way of showing love to each other.

Amusingly I watched last week’s Desperate Housewives but totally forget about this week’s episode. Luckily Astro come to my rescue. The long holiday must have been making my mind turn off and on.

p/s: sorry dreamcatcher for saying u messed up but actually it was me who is so mess up. I thought I published this blog already prior to our AR8 discussion. Huhuhuhuhu! No wonder you don't understand but you are a good actress lah. Saying your mind is sharp?! Wukakakakakaka


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SEE! SEE! SEE! SAID I NOT SO!!! hiiii!!! i did not mess up after all! ur the one messing up my mind!!!

i had some lapses last week but my good memory is intact! so it was no mistake at all, last week the gaghans were eliminated. this week, the show went on for 2 hrs... now u admitted u were baffled urself, heh!heh!

yea, doin' the flip was way cool. i do plan to get a light aircraft license meself but i bet the fee is very steep, ya?! well, at any rate... my current income does not permit me... yet! ;P

7:58 AM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...


last 2 wks, gaghan got eliminated
last week, bransen were not eliminated but stripped of all money n belongings(this is the epi which i didnt watch)
this week, paolo got eliminated...

so where got 2hrs show ?????????

I also plan to take up flying next time when I'm loaded. Hahahahahaha..yes steep rate.

10:14 AM  

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