Monday, October 24, 2005

My Grandma's Eye Condition is Well

Last Saturday, we brought my grandma to Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital for ‘hopefully’ the last time. Dr Saras told us that her left eye has heal completely and she don’t have to go for regular eye checkup again. Unless there’s anything wrong then we need to call to make an appointment. BTW, my grandma’s cataract surgery is called Small Incision or better known as ‘Laser’ for old people.

My grandma makes a long sighted spec at the hospital’s shop after that. She need the spec for reading ‘Buddhist’ praying book and cut her nails. Overall her spec costs a mere RM110. Cheap eh. Not sure about her power though coz I forget to take note. Her short sighted power has disappeared after the surgery.

I would like to recommend anyone who wanted to check his/her eye to go to Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital because the service is exceptional and the doctor and nurses are very friendly. Some of them such as Dr Saras and the optometrist who check my grandma(who is a Malay) know how to speak a few Cantonese words.

After that we went to eat dim sum. This time my sis didn’t come with us because of her conjunctivitis. Only mom and me accompanied grandma. This is the first time my grandma eat ‘pantang’ food such as seafood(because she's worry about infection at her eye’s scar). FYI, dim sum consists of prawn too.

Today my cousin sister bring my grandma to Assunta Hospital for ‘double’ check due to my grandma
felt down that day.

p/s: my mom said the rewiring of the whole house due to overload of current costs around RM1.6k. Aiyooo money disappear but as long as we are safe then OK.


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