Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Last this blog

I'm very sad today. This is my last published post at I've come a long way since Nov 2004 and in a way I've grown up just by blogging.

Ok, I have one BIG HAPPY NEWS, though. I am the owner of an independence blog/site named Che-Cheh @ Che-Cheh has become my trademark and I wanna stick to this name. Moreover this name is very dear to me because Che-Cheh is the nickname of my beloved dog, Chester :)

Thanks to Bryan aka for helping me setting up and hosting my new place. Cheers to you.

Come, I welcome you to my new blog.

Funny or Not Funny ?

Hey, check this out Yvy's Cozy Corner-Some thing just aren't funny. Have your say at Yvy's blog.

I'm Angry

Your Inner Child Is Angry

You're not an angry person.
But when you don't get your way, watch out.
Like a very manipulative kid, you will get what you want.
Even if it takes a little kicking and screaming.

Wah so true lah. Really really true lah. So now you know what I'm like. :DDD

Actually I act as a child when I'm with my family only lah. Don't worry.

Tick Is Everywhere

The other day I found one at my mom's leg, another one sucking my blood near my wrist(found this bloody tick at my office; see how far the tick travelled) and another one at my sis's leg and ear. Guess what it is ?

TiCk TIck tIcK
Tick season is here.
Tick aka kutu!

Pity Chester. He didn't know what has invaded his fur and skin. When I was looking for the tick and crushing it, he was smiling contently and looking at my hands with wonder.

As of yesterday after 2 days of tick annihilation exercise, I have killed about 35 ticks(near his ears, his head, his armpit and his neck; tick like to reside at warm area). Yes alot man! And while doing that I feel like a monkey's mother. LOL

I'm gonna carry on the extermination exercise until no more tick can be found. I don't like applying tick control 'poison' on Chester's fur. I like crushing em and feel the tingling sensation at my skin and hair after that. Yes I'm GROSS!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Memory of 2005

Few more days and we will bid farewell to 2005. My memory of 2005 are coupled with fondness, major discoveries, illness, crisis and misses.

Top 10 Fond Memories of 2005
1. the process of hunting and eventually buying a new car
2. celebrating another splendid year with Chester(illness=NIL except 'kutu')
3. went to Beijing for family trip(visited Forbidden City and Great Wall of China; really WOW man!)
4. read Shantaram by Greg Roberts(the BEST novel I've read so far, I like his writing so so so so so very much)
5. found LOST(this show rock man!)
6. like Desperate Housewives(I like this show because somehow in a way this show reflect our life; how greedy people is and how some people are so wonderful)
7. love QEFTSG till death do us part(they are the funniest gays in planet earth; ohh i miss their show badly)
8. Safin winning Australian Open
9. watching the final installment of Star Wars(now I have no remose even if I die tomorrow)
10. celebrating Chester's birthday with a cake that I accidentaly 'jatuhkan' on the floor. He doesn't know. LOL

Top 10 Discoveries of 2005
1. i can float man! LOL...I can swim like 5% now(yeah I'm slow)
2. i knew more *&$^#@! words than 2004
3. i love go-cart but this sport is expensive
4. i'm not scare of being poke by a needle anymore
5. tried golf and I believe golf will be my retirement favourite sport(not now though; I've got too much energy to just stand still but not enough energy to swing a golf ball)
6. i love blogging so much(i'm going into 'independance' blogging soon)
7. google n firefox rocks man!
8. i love WP too
9. can I say that I love gmail too ? LOL
10. the beauty of a child(A MIRACLE)

Top 4 Illness of 2005 (thank God only 4)
1. the discovery of my 'secret illness'
2. my grandma's cataract operation(She's doing fine now)

3. grandma felt down(still feeling the aftermath; her neck)
4. me falling down a couple of times earlier this year(yes all due to my secret illness; i'm not joking)

Top 10 Crisis of 2005
1. always 'discussing' with my parents as not to let Chester sleep outside of our house.
2. still fighting with sis
3. i'm getting more annoyed as the year goes by where i can't stand people who are late in everything(eg. my sister)
4. whether to leave everything behind and 'cabut' to NZ (including leaving my precious Chester behind; i'll be a very bad daughter then)
5. being a pauper for the straight whole year(no money left after buying car and shopping at Beijing)
6. worst F1 experience in 2005 because I didn't even know who won the race even though I went to Sepang.
7. Matt marrying someone instead of me(sob sob sob)
8. I broke my hp yet again. Now using my sis's old Nokia 3210.
9. 3 horrible people crashed in to my new car front bumper and back bumper(walau eh; luckily not kemik but i need to repaint - NO MONEY)
10. still a pauper even after receiving my year-end bonus.

Top 10 Misses of 2005
1. i miss playing futsal
2. i haven't try paintball
3. can't get hold of any bf(I only love Matt; LOL)
4. did not managed to get a better job offer
5. i need to travel more than working
6. didn't invest in anything
7. still not an alcoholic
8. didn't bake a single biscuit, cake, bread, pizza
9. i'm fatter in 2005 compared to 2004
10. what ? not married ?

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Tag

I've been tagged by Alex Allied. Nice try. I want my Santa to be this guy below...Matt Damon. Ahhhhhhh...

I wish to get a date with him aka Mr Santa this coming Christmas. Please meet me at Singapore train station but please don't bring Mrs Santa(aka Mrs Damon). We'll have dim sum at Chinatown, lunch at the ohh yummylicious kaya bread near Bugis street, a stroll in the National Science Center savouring the Star Wars exhibition and dinner at the 24-hours Food Court near Bayview hotel. Ohhh what a date. Remember to bring a box of chocolate though.

I won't tag anyone. Ahem...being a nice girl eh.

To Singapore This Christmas

We just made a very blunt move yesterday. After morning's dim sum and shopping for dog food we proceed to KL Sentral.

Guess what ? We bought train tickets to Singapore on Christmas Eve and will arrive at Singapore on Christmas morning. Then we'll go to have our dim sum, a little shopping and to our main event, Star Wars Exhibition at Singapore Science Centre. Cool man!

We will depart from Singapore on Christmas night and reach KL Central on Boxing Day. Meaning we will sleep 2 nights in the train on the seat!!! Ouch!!! My family said the bunker sure dirty one. We thought of taking the coach but we figured travelling by train is more wise because of the long queue at the immigrant counter if we travel by coach.

Another good news! We might book AirAsia plane tickets to Macau(before 28th December-free tickets hehehe...not kiasu lah but Free wor, who don't one right?) and from there travel to Hong Kong by ferry. Imagine how much we will save if compared to travel by AirAsia to Macau and MAS to Hong Kong. Looks like my HK plan next year is still on. Yipee du dah.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Aiyooo I'm at work right now on a Saturday raining morning(only this Sat though. There will be many working Saturday on Jan and Feb). Yawnnnn! Arggghhh! I need to answer a 'BIG' nature call but I'm going to 'tahan'/wait.

Ohh yeah, we got our bonus today. Actually the money is in our account already just that we haven't get the official 'bonus slip' yet. I can't sleep last night. Just a little....hehehe I guess bonus is the cause.

So am I happy ? Quite happy. Finally our GM distributed our bonus slip to us. Wooooo.....I think I can pay all my 'hutang' credit card and still have some extra for me to save.

I'm going to plan my bonus money well this time. So do you think I should indulge myself with an F1 ticket ? RM100-RM400 tickets ? or I better keep the money ?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Kung Fu Hustle

I finally get to watch Kung Fu Hustle at AXN yesterday. What a lousy, mou lei tau, scriptless film. I rate this movie 2/10. Luckily I didn't watch this movie at the cinema last time. Or else I'll be very disappointed. Anyone is a fan of this movie ? Please tell me why you like this movie so very much.

Don't get me wrong ya because I'm a fan of Stephan Chow Sing Chi. I've been following his work since his heyday at TVB. But this film...ahhh it's just not him.

FYI, Kung Fu Hustle was nominated for Best Foreign Film for next year's Golden Globe Award :)

Looking Inside iPod Nano and Game Boy Micro

Click the picture to read. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Linz Won USD1 Million!!!

Wohooooooooooo I'm so proud of the Linz siblings(Nick 24, Alex 22, Megan 21 and Tommy 19 from Cincinnati). Congratulation to the Linzes!!! Did ya see their happy faces ? My my...they truly are a worthy 'Amazing Race: Family Edition' winner.

They've played their games fairly, intelligently, with good sense of humour and most importantly they are good people. Did you see the way they talk ? I'm proud of their parents for bringing them up to be a bunch of good lads.

A good 2nd place finished for the Bransen family. Congratulation!!! And I just realised that this 3 sisters never 'fight' - as seen in TV.

I was gunning for Gaghan, Aiello, Bransen and Linz family from Day 1. Good choice, girl (give myself a pack on the back). And who could forget the Paolo family eh. They were fighting along their way to elimination.

Hey serve the Weaver right!!! Don't you think so ? I only like Rolly Weaver. The rest ? Linda(mom), Rachel(daughter) and Rebecca(daughter) is an example of one big 'evil' family. I've finally figured out why they are so ruthless. Actually it was Linda's attitude toward the others that drives her 2 daughters follow suit. Children will follow their parents footsteps. Well, most of them lah. I see that whatever Linda do, her 2 daughters will follow. For eg. when Linda 'took a nap' at the Stade Olympique her 2 daughters just gave up. When Linda 'talk bad' about others, her 2 daughters also 'talk bad' about others. And during the conversation with their taxi driver, Ted at Montreal...ohmygod they were like 'smooching' him till death do us part.

Do read about all the happenings at Amazing Race 8. FYI, the winner of AR8 leaked out in a gaming syndicate for the second time now before the last epi was showed in TV. Too bad eh. Amazing Race 9 is coming soon at the end of February. Cool Baby!!!

A very tense moment! A good thing they know their geography!

Boooooo...the Weaver

The lLovely Bransen family.


Official AR8 Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

If you are wondering the meaning of 'Who Dey' written on Megan's here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Amazing Race 8: And The Winner Is...

Today's Amazing Race 8: Family Edition 2 hours season Finale will showcase 3 families: Linz, Bransen and Weaver.

I've been gunning for Linz family throughout the race and I bet ya they will win the first AR: Family Edition title. My second choice would be Bransen but who will be suprise if Weaver win because they too have been very stable throughout the race. Not stable in the right mind and yield though but stable in term of tackling detours and road blocks and finding the right way to Phil.

Enough say...just watch