Friday, October 28, 2005

My Cool Tricycle - Part 2 - Nightmare & The Truth

Continuation from My Cool Tricycle - Part 1 - Nightmare & The Happy Days

I asked my mom and grandma and both said someone stole it few days ago. At once I don’t believe them and knew they were lying. They said now days people steal steel because the price of steel is high. Still they don’t want to admit it. I knew they were lying because there’s no stealing or ‘masuk pencuri’ case at my neighborhood for years(touch wood) and also because their face tell me the truth already. Hehehehehe But I cannot do anything but to feel sorry for myself. Why didn’t I protect my tricycle ?

That tricycle was old and rusty and I have promised them that I will paint the tricycle 1 day and let my child use this tricycle. Argghhh. At least let me have a chance to say good bye to my tricycle(like my mattress case). I forget what part did my father play in this tricycle missing case.

To cut the long story short, it’s nearly 10 years now after my tricycle have gone missing and I still miss my tricycle sometimes. Sob sob sob.Throughout the 10 years I did ask my mom and grandma again and again what they have done to my tricycle but they still don’t want to tell me.

Just last week I mentioned again this matter to my grandma coz I was throwing my baby's mattress away and I bring up this subject of never have the chance to say good bye to my tricycle. She kept her mouth shut! Yet I mumbled ‘I knew you guys threw it away, right?’ SILENCE ‘Why don’t want to tell me ?’ SILENCE…so I back off.

Ahem ahem ahem...but I got the truth out just now when I was just starting to write about this subject. You see I forget who gave me that tricycle so I just rang my mom at her office and ask her. Here’s the conversation:

Me: Mi, you remember the **bicycle that I have when I was little ?
Mom: Ya
Me: Was it given by our aunty or someone gave it to me ? The one you threw away.
Mom: Why you ask ?
Me: Who gave it to me ?
Mom: Dad’s fren(she thought I was asking about Le Run bicycle coz the Le Run bike was given by my dad’s friend).
Me: You sure ? Not aunty ? The one with 3 wheels wor.
Mom: Oh yeah aunty give.
Me: What happened to that tricycle ? You threw away right ?
Mom: Yeah throw away.
Me: Hahahahahaha finally you tell me the secret.
Mom: Ha! So long ago I can’t remember(she meant she can’t remember that she bluffed me).
Me: Hahahahahahha at last.
Mom: Why you ask ?
Me: Writing something. Bye. Hehehehe!
Mom: Bye

***I said bicycle and not tricycle coz I don’t know what to call tricycle in Hokkien.

Even though my mom finally ‘accidentally’ admits about throwing away my tricycle I still feel sad man! Arggggggggggggghhhh(fire come out of my mouth). When a dragon gets angry don’t come near!

That's me and sis. Posing lah kononnya. We owned this tricycle when I was about 5 years old. In this picture, I think I'm in primary school already.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh!heh! both of u looked too oversized for that tricycle. i almost felt pity for the thing! ;P

hmmm, think i used to own a tricycle once n my sis got a car... but i preferred to ride my rocking horse. :)

6:15 PM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Hey we even rid on that cool tricycle when we are in secondary(for fun time)!!!

I don't think I have a car or rocking horse.

8:59 PM  

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