Friday, July 29, 2005

Boone: Was He Murdered ?

Boooohuuuuu Boone died last night and I cried. He's not my favourite in Lost yet I cried. I knew he's gonna die when the show was just few episdoes yet I cried. Why ar? 4 more episodes to go till the end of first season. Do you think Boone was murdered by Locke as Jack said ? Theoretically.

I said he died. He was not murder. They were into something and accident happens. A part of it was Boone fault. Maybe a little part. Yeah it was risky climbing up the cliff and into the plane but Boone was suppose to get out from the plane after he found out that there's only drugs in the plane and not anything else that can help to open the hac. When the radio comes to life it was too late.

Of course Locke plays a big part in his dead but he did not murder Boone. Locke was so into this hac stuff until I guess his minds went nuts ? Or izzit true the island show him the way ? If yes then why didn't they find anything in the plane?
We'll see how this ends. Bravo to Sun, the Korean lady. She's hot! Hehehe

Now that Boone has gone from Lost let's get to know him. It's not too late yeah. Boone Carlyle was played out by Ian Somerhalder. He acts in some movie and make TV guest appearance in Smallville, CSI: Miami Law and Order:Special Victims Unit. He was born in Covington, Louisiana USA on 8 December 1978. Here's his cute face.

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Did ya realised that Boone looks like Andy Roddick(tennis player) abit?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's already in the plane, that's why he explored further n i don't think he climbed into the plane to check only for something to open up the hatch. n if i were him, i'd try to work on the radio too. n personally i don't think the impact of the plane crash was enough to cause terrible injury like that! they survived worse!! ... but hey! boone need to die somehow, ya? ;PP
... but the island is kinda wierd. who knows, he'll just pop out anywhere if they decide to reinstall him back into the series. ;DDD

2:27 PM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

if i am Boone, I won't be Locke's 'boar hunting' friend.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u won't? that's a surprise... ain't that one of ur dreams, to go out n rough it out on a great adventure???
if ur in that situation, what better things can u think of, to spend ur time on, eh?? yea, what would u be doing if ur one of the survivor in lost, (drama aside)?

1:11 PM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

ya i won't cause i don't want to be at the 'LOST' island. unless we are at the amazon...wohooooooo!!! Locke will have to carry me cause you knowlah i'm scare of leech...ewwwwww

if i'm one of the survivor i will leave by the ocean. i'll go collect food, make some furniture(hehe like i know how), go celup in the ocean and read hundreds of story books like Sawyer. ahhhhhh PRICELESS

10:15 PM  

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