Saturday, May 28, 2005

Star Wars Episode 3 Twice

Yesterday me and my sis was planning to watch Madagascar at Bukit Raja TGV. You know lah Friday evening is time to have some fun.


Well the 8.30pm show was fully booked so we end up buying Star Wars Episode 3 tickets. Yes we've been planning to watch for the second time.

Darth VaderPosted by Hello

And what do I find the second time I watch ? Wooooo many.
Careful those Star Wars fan not watch YET. There's spoilers below.
Here's my list of findings:

1) Truly truly truly Padme died of broken heart.
proof: When Padme go to the Mustafar system, she learned that Anakin has change(Anakin talk about ruling the world). Padme sobbingly said 'You're broking my heart. I can't follow the path you are going'

2) Yes indeed in some shot Obi-Wan was seen kinda smiling. Hahaha

3) I found out why Yoda was at Kashyyk.

4) At the Mustafar after Anakin lost. I didn't realise that he was without legs and an arm. Just found out. Urrrgghhh yes I know I should have seen this but I dunno why I didn't. I suspect I was hallucinating.

There's many questions of the many scenes in Episode III and the continuity from Episode III to IV. Read TheForce:Jedi Council Forums at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bet ur still missing quite a lot of scenes fr the movie... u daydreamt too much, heh!heh! which part did u envision urself as in the movie, oh jedi master? ;PP

10:23 AM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Ohhh i didn't envision any.
luv, jedi master.

10:38 AM  

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