Friday, September 09, 2005

Nothing New

I'm so lazy, sleepy and boring right now. I guess that's what I usually say. Nothing new.

Tomorrow I'm going to service my car(2nd service, pokai). I guess sis and mom will follow me. Afterthat we will go to SS2 to buy dog food(pokai already) and have lunch there. Yum yum man!

On Sunday, I will be going to Responsible Dod Ownership day at Bandar Utama's park. I hope there will be agility equipment there. The last time around, Chester only dared to go through the tunnel(coz he has 1 at home). I want him to learn the wavy equipment and jump over a bar. I will bath him when we reach home. Lazy lazy because have to wait for 1 hour at least then only he's about 50% dry(while waiting I wash the floor, wash his toys, play water with him and eat ice-cream together...hahahaha). We let him dry inside the remaining 50%. He will sleep soundly by then. Yawnnnnn


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