Monday, September 12, 2005

My Weekend

All goes well as plan. I'm very happy at the Toyota Service Center for the 2nd time(this is my 2nd service). They have courtsey advisor and I don't have to wait long for my car to be service. I arrived there few minutes pass 8am, waited until 9am plus then only it's my turn. Talked to the advisor to inform him my itional request and passed my car key to him.

I waited until 10am plus. Oklah right? If in Honda, I have to wait until 11am to 12pm. For my 2nd service, the labour charge is also free(my heart was dancing when the advisor told me). Changed oil filter and gasket which costs me RM53.00(yippppeee so cheap ar). I end up paying only RM33.00 because I have RM20 voucher(I filled in 2 Toyota questionaires). This is the cheapest car service in my life.

However, I bought Chester's food and treats which cost me RM230. RM170 for his dog food(Innova Evo) which is worth it because it can last for 2 months. My money fly away already...

On Sunday, we went to Bandar Utama's Central Park for Dog Responsible Day. Chester was already panting in the car throughout the whole journey. The moment we stepped on the grass, a couple touched Chester but get scared away because he was panting so loud. I'm a bit embarassed because people will think I didn't give him water. The fact is Chester don't want to drink water. He drank a little only. I guess he's very excited and nervous.

I bring him around to meet other dogs and registered(collect at 11.30am). The first 500 registered will get a door gift. I saw many GR there but most of them are light brown. Again many people ran away and stared at Chester when Chester pass go them. My sister said she heard someone said Chester is so scary and wild(ganas). LOL. We brought Chester to a tent to rest and drink water. We have to 'tuang' water at his mouth. Hahahahaha so funny.

Then we saw several dogs playing in the pool. Asked my dad whether I can bring Chester into the pool as well because we came here by my dad's car and no towel. He agreed so here we go. Chester is so brave. At first he's abit scared but later after he came back up, he jumped to the pool back suddenly. I was dragged by him with an ice-cream in tow at my other hand. Luckily I managed to 'brek' on time. Dad took a couple of photos and I will post later.

I made a mistake when I registered because the door gift was so cool. We get 5 dog's coaster from Purina, 1 rawhide, 1 bell toy AND 1 big size shampoo with conditioner from Alpo. Cool man. I should have register another time(pssstt but of couse with another name).

Chester's fur dried fast. Lastly before we go home I let Chester try those agility equipment. Chester only play with the tunnel. There's a see-saw, tunnel and ramp only. I enjoyed myself and I'm sure Chester too enjoyed himself on RDO day.


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