Sunday, August 28, 2005

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

This is the place where ancient Emperors of China worshipped the heaven. The temple plus subsidiary buildings and a surrounding garden covers an area five times the size of the Forbidden City. Beijingense come here for their daily excercise(playing olden games like 'badminton ala Chinese style', body excercise and 'kicking feather using leg ala sepak takraw style' and spend their pastimes such as playing 'Chor Tai Tee', playing 'Er Wu', singing and dancing.

We visited Temple of Heaven on our 4th day of Beijing tour. We 'wow'ed so many times along the way, seeing local people's variety of excercise. If you go to China, you will see that not many Chinese wear spectacle. The reason ? Is the excercise they do every morning which consists of excercising their eyes.

One of the ceiling in Temple of Heaven dragons motifs. Heavenly yeah! Posted by Picasa

Next post will be about how to detect a real crystal. Just a simple rule that I remember from my tour.


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