Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Good Dog

This is his favourite pose but a no good one because this pose can cause 'Hip Dysplasia' which is a very common problem for golden retriever. We always command him to lie down on his side. Really he understand that long sentences 'Chester, lie down on your side'. He was 2 months old when this picture was taken. Posted by Picasa
Chester, I miss you. Since I changed my car he seemingly can't recognize me whenever I pulls up at the driveway. He stare at the car although his tail can't stop wagging. Then when I get down from the car and I can see that he recognize me, tail wagging began to sweeps left and right powerfully and he smiles and then bark at me(saying 'aiyooo i miss you so much, come nearer so that I can smell you and know where have you been to'). He dosen't bark at all the stranger who come to our house or walk passed by. Only a couple of em for eg. he dosen't bark at the roti man or the newpaper vendor but he barks at Pizza Hut man. Hahaha. Although he's barking, his tail will sweeps back and forth.
Last week my dad bought a couple of durians home. We leave it on the floor with the plastic bag still wrap all the durians. Chester came trotting and go near to smell em and then lied down near the durians, to 'guard' em I guess. It has become his favourite fruits. When we open up the durian, we usually fence that place so that he won't come and hassle us. He will bark like a crazy dog until we gave him some to taste. We prepared a tupperware of durians for him without the seed and feed him necessarily. One thing good about having a durian lover dog is if the durian is not so tasty I will feed it to Chester. Wuahahahahaha he can't tell the difference mah. We sometimes tease him 'Chester, you want durian?' and he will come to you.
He's a very good and obedience dog you know. I'm glad I choose a Golden Retriever as my 'first' dog. First and foremost, when we open our front gate he won't run out of the house to the road. Only when I have a leashed then he dare to go out. When on the road I've tried to unleashed him and I said 'run'. He will always run back home and when I call him back while I was standing at the middle of the road, he won't come. He will lean at the front gate waiting for me to let him in. Also he won't go to the driveway if we come back from work. For eg. when we came back home and parked at the driveway and if he was standing at the door, he won't come running out to greet you. He will stay at that position, wagging his tail and polishing his big smile while waiting for us to run and hug him. Clever dog.
Whenever we are eating dinner or durian(his favourite) he won't come and bother you, begging you for it. He'll mind his own business but once you call him or make eye contact with him, he'll bother you by standing beside you while he looks at you eating your dinner or durian. I miss you my dear dog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i see lots o' dogs reclining in that pose (dogs on tv). is it actually bad for all dogs or just specifically golden retrievers? ... or is it just a certain strike posing for dogs acting in movies/tv series?

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

durians now dont taste as good as they were once, dont u think?

11:09 AM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

this pose comes naturally. I attended a dog workshop before and the spokeman said this pose is no good for GR. GR is more prone to Hip Dysplasia.

So I better prevent than sorry later.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

ya...the durian is quite hard or izzit becoz it is not ripe yet.

11:57 AM  

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