Monday, May 30, 2005

European GP Nurburgring 2005

Ohhh wow don't you think yesterday's F1 was once in a lifetime ? I did. Hahahaha I did!

Alas all was settled in about 20 more laps but fate had intervene. We all saw Kimi's front right tyre was gonna give way. Yet it was coming into his last lap that the very suspension failed. What a horrific accident. I yelled so loud while closing my mouth with my hand. The 'ohhhhhhhhhh' was extremely high note. The loudest I had yell since start watching F1 in 1998.

Then I found out today, both Kimi and Mclaren team agrees during the race that they will continue on for the sake of catching Alonso and Championship point. Yo isn't that a waste ? He could have finished 3rd had he changed his tyre. COULD only because not it was his front right suspension that gave way and not the tyre.

Apparently Kimi had gone into 'grass-cutting' manuveur once or twice, remember ? That was it. How the suspension got loose?!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea!yea!yea! it was a stupendous race. :)) i thought his suspension was damaged, not the tyre! had he stopped to change it, i dont think he'll get any points, that's why he risked it all the way. not his lucky day as it turned out to be. ;P

think mika hakkinen also experienced similar bad luck on the last lap once. he was in the final lap leading, when his engine blew smoke. well, micheal won that one! heh!heh!

but the most miserable last lap, i think was nigel mansell's experience. i saw it. sangat, sangat kesian... :(((( he was just a few metres from the checkered flag, in front of the finish line, had a great lead upfront when his engine stopped bcoz it was out of petrol. he struggled out of his car n started pushing his car but aiyooo, then the other cars passed him!! ... n he lost the world championship title bcoz of that too if im not mistaken.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Hey I heard about a driver stop nearly the last lap...wah what a pity.

Yes I also remember about Hakkinen fate. I will always remember that coz what a win for Michael!!! wohoooo
My little sister remember that incident as well.

But do you know that there's a driver who after his last lap he go drive-through penalty and yet still have time to win. He's the regaining champion, Michael Schumacher!!!

5:31 PM  

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