Friday, March 18, 2005

Old Car Go, New Car Come - Part 5

Suddenly I heard a noise. Ohh ohhhhh my dad's car ramped at the bumper of the car in front. I felt the slightest panic only(due to the fact I've praticed ramping on my own car?!LOL). I quickly press the break but saw that my dad's car is still kissing the Proton Iswara. I saw that I have forgotten to pull the hand break. My oh my! Aiyo I quickly placed my pizza and reversed. That's the point I woke up.

I go out of the car and saw that many people were watching me. So embarassed. The lady(owner of Proton Iswara) and me scanned her car's bumper(left side). Few inches long of scratches and not deep. Only very little paint coming out. Then I scanned my dad's car(right side;near no.plate). Wa lau!!! big paint. Daddy's gonna scold me. We suggest to go to a workshop and since I don't have any workshop in Klang, we agreed to go to her workshop. She was accompanied by a friend. Actually I was thinking to sa We waited for my mom.

Guess what my mom were not suprised about the accident. I think she didn't show her suprise out. So we follow the car. Turn left, turn right, turn left again and so on. We were going into a road. Many workshop on the left and right of the road. It's like entering the twilight zone. Finally we arrived at the workshop. The lady had told me that the workshop is owned by one of her relatives. I'm scared that they will cheat us.

The mechanic scan the lady's bumper and told us to pay RM30. I was so shocked!!! I thought it will be like RM100 above. Later when we get back into the car, my mom told me that the lady's number plate is same as my new car number plate. A SIGN!!! Anyway I didn't win any no. ekor. Cehhhh

Then we proceed to collect my car. You know what ? My car were lock inside a lot with other cars too. And the key were with the salesman's supervisor. So we go back home feeling sad. Later I found out that the large paint was no cause by the accident. My dad told me he was the one who knock on something. Then I saw that there's no paint 'cabut' only very small dent at the left side of the number plate. Haiyar. To be continue.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how come your car ramped the car in front you? is it moving?

4:54 PM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

There's no parking coz full. so she and myself park illegally. After my mom go out of the car...i took the pizza and started eating while reading letter. then i heard the thud sound.

5:32 PM  

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