Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Old Car Go, New Car Come - Part 2

After wowing for about 20 seconds, I beguns to drive. Once I pressed the accelerator, I said to the salesman "Wah power, very power". He said "Ya very power one, 1.8 mah". So I drove around the block for 2 rounds. I'm so happy that I've found the right car. Powerful, light and stylish. After that 2 rounds, we discussed about $$. Apparantely Toyota have trade-in system but the salesman said his brother wanted to buy this type of car(my Civic). He offered 20k. Of course we don't want that low. We said good bye and will go home and think about it(Altis and selling my car to his brother). By the way, we found out that the car that I tested belongs to his boss. That day was Valentine's Day and the boss were waiting for us to finished test his car. My GOD!

We estimated and calculated but still can't made any judgment as we don't know how much is my Civic going to sell. My best offer is RM35k if I sell it by my own.

The next day, my mom phoned the main Toyota branch in my area and promised a test drive. At the same day, my mom also promised a test drive for Honda Civic special edition 2.0. I tested Civic SE 2.0 first. I didn't wow when I get in the car as the car lose to Altis base on feature. But this car is powerful man!. I go wowing the moment I step on the accelerator. Sure lah 2.0 is more powerful than 1.8.

Then I head to Toyota and tested the salesman's wife Altis. Apparantely his wife has owned the car for 4years and he told me her car is worth 90k. WOW!!!
The funny thing is all salesman from Nissan, Toyota branch and main Toyota branch knew my mom. Nissan and main Toyota branch's salesman used to work in the same company as my mom. Toyota branch's salesman used to work in EON and occasion to my mom's company. LOL what a small world!

This time I got to drive his wife's Altis in NKVE. I speed to 140kmph as he requested. Wow wow. After that I am really mess up. I don't know which car to choose, Civic or Altis. Civic's feature is very little and expensive for this SE version. Altis's have many feature and cheaper than Civic SE but of couse in my term very expensive.

I asked my mom why did she let me test drive Civic SE. The most confusing day of my life man. I asked around, talk to RPO, surf net for any good point for both cars. Then finally I made up my mind. 6 paragraphs already. Continue next day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

huhuhu... Civic SE 2.0!! wow, i'm eyeing on that one, but in my DREAM only. So powerful, yet very expensive. It is the limited edition right, only 150 in the market I guess. If you really own this Civic, I am so proud to be your friend.. muahaha.. really salute u!

I admire Honda's engine n performance, but not its interior design. Toyota is more stylish and sporty.

I wish I can own a Honda in the future.. The logo H really suits me.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

am waiting for part 3

1:09 PM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Yes only 150 cars produced.

I will be very proud if I own a Honda again. But I try Altis for now. Many ppl said Toyota is better than Honda. Let me be the judge.

Sophie so now I own a Toyota(not smart car or Honda), are you proud to be my friend ?

Tomorrow I publish 3rd part.

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for part 3

4:55 PM  

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