Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Old Car Go, New Car Come - Part 1

If you are curious from the blog tittled 'So Pissed La', please read on. Bravo to some of my friends who already know about this. This means I'm a good friend.

And so the first part of this blog begins. My good friends and myself have been having online conferencing talking about buying car. I like Honda Accord but no $$. I also like Volvo 4WD(my ultimate dream car) also no $$. I drove a Honda Civic 2nd hand(a lady owner previously). This car is 13 years old(born in 1992). I'm hoping to write all this down as not to forget my first, darling, powerful yet always make me spend $$ car.

While we are having an on/off conferencing about this topic, I've been asking my dear mom to estimate whether I can afford a new car due to spending a lot of $$ over and over again at my Civic. And every time it seems that I can't afford it. You see I'm a big spender. Ahem!!! I don't know what ticks inside me that one day I decide to buy a new car. That was before this year Chinese New Year. One reason I remember was because my Civic value is getting lower. If my Civic have little value or no value anymore, than how can I afford downpayment for a new car ?

My dad had been telling me to buy either Nissan, Toyota or Honda because of their high 2nd value. I can't remember how come I'm interested in Nissan. Maybe because it's cheaper than the other two. And so before CNY, I went to test drive a Nissan Sentra 1.8(eg. lalat drove one). I over ruled that car straight away. Not comfy and not powerful enough(based on my judgment which I have drove a 2.0 Honda Accord).

After CNY, I was thinking about Toyota Altis. I know I can't afford it but my parents ask me to try out. So I went to a Toyota branch which is the same shop lot row as the Nissan branch where I tried out Sentra. Once I saw that Altis parking in front of the Toyota shop, my eyes can't look anywhere else. I was attracted to that car. I immediately fall in love with that car and color(Sahara Brown). Once I'm inside the Altis, I was wowing here and there. My mom and sister also wowing.

To be continued...(5 paragraphs already)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like altis too..but so $$$
still remember their advert few years back which featured mr pitt!

1:00 PM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

I really can't remember that ad. But I used to like Altis few years back then grow to dislike coz bontot look not big as I thought it used to be. But now I'm back to liking it. Bontot ok lah.

3:24 PM  

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