Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hang On There !!!

After reading Hustler's and Buaya69's tale about crazy, mad, bastard and evil bosses now it's my turn to tell tale. I've been luckier than them as I have only met 1 evil boss which is at my previous company. I only have 3 jobs in my life until now.

My first job was when I was waiting for SPM results. I will tell about this in my next posting because I will run out of subject.

My second job was in Casio. My guess why I got this job in Casio was because I demanded a very low low salary. More than RM1500 less than RM2000 which I really really REGRET until today. How stupid of me asking such a low salary job. And that 'gonna be' idiot boss(man) agreed with that amount. I'm a fool!

No matter what, I accepted this job. My parents were nagging continously until the day I got the Casio job. I was under a lady boss(Hwang) and this lady were under that man(Chia) who interviewed me. First I was in-charge of training together with a Malay lady(Rosnah) under Hwang. Rosnah trained me then I trained new-comer like engineer, technician and operators. Life was so good especially when I was training operators. They were so out-going and so full of life(we export them from Indonesia). I love to chat with them and listen to their Indon accent. Also they will call me 'Kak Che-Cheh'...(kembang!)

Nevertheless...few months after, out of a sudden Rosnah handed her termination letter to Hwang. All of us see that Hwang was so heart-broken man! Rosnah was like her right hand lady. After 1 weeks of persuasion, finally Rosnah agrees to stay. All of us were shocked. Then we found out that she actually haven't found any job and she finally agrees to stay because Hwang promise to give her increment. So Rosnah stay. Thus begin the first age of hell.

After that termination subject, Rosnah became a changed person. She was more stern and no play-play. She was more eager to work. Hahaha See how money can buy people. Then there was a QC engineer(Mrs Ho;forget her hubby's surname) who was pregnant then. Mrs Ho was also under Hwang. One day Mrs Ho was talking to Hwang. Hwang was a lady in late 30s whose bf were somewhere far away. Both were arguing at each other throat and all of us in the office can hear them. Mrs Ho was crying like hell. Few days later Mrs Ho were MCs for several days. She had a miscarriaged. Pity man!!! Everyone were so annoyed at Hwang. But what to do she is the boss. Not long after that Mrs Ho resigned. Also Rosnah's best friend(Ms Chow) resigned because Ms Chow were always aruging with Hwang. Not Ms Ho and Ms Chow fault. Thus begin the second age of hell.

Rosnah and me was instructed to become QC Engineers. Hwang, Rosnah, me and QC technician(Maria) was discussing about Rosnah and me in-charge of QC department. Maria said she can accept Rosnah but not me because I don't have experience. Shit lah!!! Hwang told Maria she will be under me and told me to 'sabar'. Life in hell begin so fast that I can't stop to solve quality problems. Days, weeks, months we lectured operators, technicians. Production engineering will poke problems to us. And we poke back but many problems we did gave countermeasure to them. Hahaha until I was so bored of this job.
Not only I have to solve problems but the whole of QC were hating me. But I managed to make their heart melts. Hahaha Some of them also called me 'Kak Che-Cheh' after the melting process. Still Maria endured. During that time I learned to gossip and became a pro not long after.

Thus begin the third age of hell. Hwang begins to brutally sickly angrly scolded Rosnah and me. But I'm the worst victim! When I announced info to QC's operators/technician, Hwang will cut short my announcement and talk something else. In meeting, I'm just a secertary. Hwang also reconstruct my report(graphs) and minutes. So bitch man! She likes to said 'Engineer dosen't do this do that, engineer must know how to write report, blah blah blah'. Everyone under her will go through the same hell. I might sound like she's a good boss in this blog but NO!!! ya.

One of my favourite stuff in Casio is I got to lepak in the production area(TN/STN LCD area) and Hwang will thought I was busy in production. I like to wear those jump suit including head suit and lepak at COG area chatting with one of my dear friend(Henry). Henry resigned not long before I send my termination letter.

Thus begin the first age of wonder. I finally got the strength(malas to edit my CV previously) to search for other job. I took many days AL/MC for interview. Not consecutive lah. I don't give MC to Hwang. Instead I typed sick letter signed by my dad. Hwang never suspected anything. Bitch bitch bitch!!!

Finally I got a job and it's here where I am now typing this. I was so eager to hand my termination letter to Hwang. After few days Hwang asked me to talk to her at the canteen.(psst of all places why canteen?) She talk and talk and talk and I wanted to laugh but I acted pity. Wuahahhahahahaha. I keep saying no. Then she asked what I wanted. I said I want increment. She asked how much ? I said RM2500 above. She said cannot. Then she talk and talk and talk. Finally give-up. Next Chia asked me to go to canteen to discuss this subject again. He also talk and talk and talk. And again I said I want increment and that much. This went on until the last 2weeks of my working days in Casio. Finally I have peace. The thing is from that day on I'm so free. Rosnah took over all my job. And I always lepak at production area. I will lepak there from 8am to 5pm. Sometimes feeling guilty but it's not my fault lor.

Friday lunch with my dear friends usually take very long. Henry, Tiong, Chandran and me always ate at the Bee's cafe Bukit Raja until over 2pm. Then we will sneak into production(hardly any manager in production). Nasi Lemak and Pineapple rice works wonder to our stomach. On my last week of work, Tiong and Chandran 'belanja' me. Then on my last day, QC gave me a farewell card and present. I was so so shocked. They also helded a small farewell party for me. Chia and Hwang didn't attend my farewell party. I don't mind.

QC's present is a wall clock. And I don't know whether they really meant to give me that or make fun of me. You see Chinese custome for present(song) watch/clock(choong) means die. I never keep that clock. I quickly throw away.

Few weeks after leaving, I received an introduction letter from Casio. My friend told me to to asked HRD for an introduction letter from your boss so that it will be easier to get a job by showing this letter. Isshh isshh feel so sad you know. In this letter, Chia signed and wrote that I'm just an QC officer. Bugger!!!

See, there's so many bad memory in Casio. Now Casio = Flextronics. BTW I've only work in Casio for 10months. And during this 10months, 11 employee(my department) resigned. Not including me. Sound like management were in deep trouble. May GOD not bless them. BTW I'm evil when people don't appreciate me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm.. this is serious.
no wonder they always have vacancy advertisement.
glad that you escaped from the "hell"

btw , the "sick leave" letter is so funny LOL

11:08 AM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Ya glad.

HRD there are very good. Only managment NG. Here terbalik right?

I'm sure Flextronics still have the same managment team.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Hwang should go n see the doctorlah.May be she's having mental problem hahahaaa.....
Congratatulation bcoz u r successfully ecsaped from the 'hell'.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:23 AM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Shylady, who are you ?

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1st question that popped out of my mind is how did u decide the title for this topic? ;P

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

elaborate a bit about the melting process?

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how come there are so many hwang-like type of bosses around?

urs is not the unique one i have yet to hear... similar storylines, just change the names.

9:47 PM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Did da topic title fit ???
yeah right.
This title just pop up from my innovative mind. Thinking of 'Evil boses' but not creative lah and i was really hangin' tough when i was working at casio.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Melting process is non other than be a friendly, cute and share similiar problem(in this case have 'evil' bosses) to people under you.
Human rules. Be good to others and they will be good to you.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Luckily there is no Hwang-type bosses around here. We only have God-type person which is shit!
But then we are lucky becoz they are not that susceptible to Hwang-type.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea, that's a good maxim. it reminded me of my last parting words to my interviewers... i was walking out to the door, turned around and faced them and said "... one more thing, u be good to me and i'll treat u better!!" they were astonished and laughed, heh!heh!

one more advise in this dog-eat-dog world...'dread wisely!'

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u want to know who am I?
Am the big fan of the little angle...
But i don't comment under little angle entry hehheheee....

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evil bosses roam the world to search for ruins of souls, imagine urself being ruled by conspiracy and politics...nyak, nyak...the evil one will strike.!!! buah..hahah

11:13 AM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Little angel's momma wants to know who are you.

Right little angel's momma ?

11:57 AM  

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