Monday, March 07, 2005

What da..

Aiyoyoyoyo Michael's first race all go down to his own mistake. Montoya and Ralf seems invisible in Melbourne Grand Prix 2005.

Congrats to Fisichella and Alonso. Most of all congrats Rubens. See see Ferrari's strategy were so good.

Anyone know what if during the race, tyre were changed...what will happened ?

But beware ya, next race with same engine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

New rule..!!! cannot change tyres during pitstop.!!!last time can.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

yala...but what if their tyre slide here and there, sure need to chg. then is there any denda?

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nope...cannot change unless it showers...that's why you cannot drive like lembu anymore.

Hehe...maybe a reason why takuma sato in #14

5:20 PM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Pity Sato lah. I was having a good laugh when he retired during warm-up qualifying lap. LOL

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't understand the rule!Pity me....

3:15 PM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

babylovesbite are u interested in F1 ?

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The aerodynamics rule change is also interesting.

Since the change will definitely reduce the speed of the machines, we'd have better chances of looking at the designs or even the head of the drivers longer instead of seeing dusts and the rear end of the cars when they sped by, heh!heh!

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

toyota team is currently leading the time trial during tests at Jerez.

hmm, i wonder what the revs up that they're doin' to the cars...

i'd expect many new modification done to the engine covers... an angle to improve the arodynamics.

steady as it goes toyota!!!!

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that 2 prongs on the mclaren cars are way slammin'... hope it improves aerodynamics too... sporting new cool look is one thing but if its not effective, they can just take it off anytime.

any car that Montoya drives'will always be hot n look hottttt, heh!heh!

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1 misgiving i have over the new rules is regarding the engine.

'a driver who retired during a race can change to new engine without penalty, for the next coming race'

does this means that we'll see more retirement in the races for those who see themselves already out of contention points... to take advantage of the rule???

interesting to see.....

2:43 PM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Yeah, Toyota is up to something.
Something fishy!

7:41 AM  
Blogger Che-Cheh said...

Dreamcatcher's quote 'a driver who retired during a race can change to new engine without penalty, for the next coming race'

Yes Honda Bar just did that last weekend at the Australian F1. I felt cheated hearing that but on the other hand, Honda Bar have a very good strategist in there.

BTW, did ya noticed Michael also retired ? He hehe he hehe *evil laugh

7:43 AM  

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